DaGe Deconstructed

“In between movement and stillness, the form of DaGe is deconstructed.
Between light, shadow, sound, dance and song; even the stillness contains movement.
Constantly transforming, loud and subtle, with a mysterious atmosphere.
Standing within, you become a part of the collective joy of DaGe.
Song and word, sound and dance, one dancer or many; the viewer can gain a new perspective.

I was inspired to rethink the foundations of DaGe, its base elements, meanings and feelings, and allowed myself to interpret this authentic dance into a new futuristic image.

– Lufeianna Wang”

An art exhibition by Lufeianna Wang and the Genshen ART+DESIGN team. Exhibition opens 2pm on 10 October 2014, at the Matzu Art Village, Longci Road, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City.